I'm a wedding photographer, turned corporate pilot, who with my free time is a passionate landscape photographer. Born in DC, I went to college in Savannah, GA where I earned a BFA in photography while also working on my pilot's license. I lived in Vero Beach, Florida for two years before moving to Portland, Oregon and am ecstatic to now call Portland my home. It truly is one of the most beautiful and unique cities this country has to offer, and is in the center of some truly spectacular landscapes. 

This website is a collection of my photographs from around the world. I've been very fortunate to have traveled so much, most of it with camera in hand, and I just enjoy capturing it. The title of this website, "Wanderings," is inspired by how I photograph and how I travel. I don't like to go out with a mission or a plan, and then force myself to photograph something. I wander by foot or by car, and when a scene excites me, I try to make an image.